• Buy Truck Idle off Air Conditioner, Discount Parking Air Conditioner, Sleeper Air Conditioner Quotes
  • Buy Truck Idle off Air Conditioner, Discount Parking Air Conditioner, Sleeper Air Conditioner Quotes

Integrated Water Parking Heaters


Product origin :China

Delivery time :10-15days

Supply capacity :2500 Set/Month

The parking heater is an in-vehicle heating device which is independent from the vehicle engine.

The heater is connected to the car engine cooling water circulation system, and the heat generated by the car is absorbed by the car's own heat exchanger, and then in the form of warm air, it is accurately measured and distributed to the interior of the car through the existing air duct. The preheating of the cooling water is used to preheat the engine.

The heating start time can be set by the timer, or operated by the remote control to improve the comfort in the cabin

Integrated Water Parking Heaters

Product Name: Integrated Type Parking Heaters

Working Principle of water heater:

Combustion air absorbed from the environment and fuel from the fuel tank of the car are mixed and ignited. The heat reduction of the heat exchanger is transferred to the cooling circulation system of the car.

Applications: Parking heater can be use on truck Cabin, cabin of off highway and agriculture machinery ,such as excavator, loader,paver van, passenger car and other vehicle

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Main Parts:

one set water parking heater including heater, oil pump, tubes, remote control and so on. 

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Technical Specification :

Heat Power




Rated Voltage





Water temperature


Heating speed


Main Advantages:

1. Dual purpose: preheating the driver cabin and preheating the engine to protecting the engine
2. Ceramic ignition plug, start faster and more environmentally friendly
3. All die-cast aluminum shell design, high thermal efficiency, up to 90%
4. Lower fuel consumption and full exhaust gas can reach international standards
5. Low noise, low power consumption
6. Longer service life (using brushless motor, the service life can reach 10 years)
7. Full electronic control of function process
8. Real-time function monitoring, safety and diagnostic system
9. Maintenance-free, easy maintenance

Factory  Overview : 

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Packing and Delivery:

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