Bus doors are important escape routes

In recent years, bus accidents have occurred frequently, and the number of fires and losses caused by them have been increasing year by year, which seriously threatens people's lives and property safety. When people encounter a sudden accident in a passenger bus, they should master the following rules to ensure their own safety.


1. In the event of an accident, the bus door is the preferred escape route for passengers. If the bus door cannot be opened or the interior is too crowded, the sunroof on the roof and the windows on both sides of the bus are also important escape routes. Breaking the window is the easiest way to escape, because now there are life-saving hammers on passenger bus. As long as the passenger slams the hammer tip 20 cm below the upper edge of the bus glass, the glass will crack from the point where it was struck, in the shape of a spider web, then kick the glass open with your feet, and people can escape. In addition to lifesaving hammers, high heels, belt buckles and fire extinguishers in the bus are also convenient and effective tools for smashing windows.


2. When a fire occurs in a passenger bus, the driver should be very calm and decisive. First of all, he should consider saving people, and determine the rescue method according to the specific part of the fire. If the fire is in the engine of the bus, all doors should be opened, the passengers should get off the bus through the doors, and then the fire fighting should be organized. If the wiring in the car is burned out and the doors cannot be opened, passengers can escape through the nearest window. 


3. If the flame blocks the door, and it is difficult for people to get out of the window, you can cover your head with clothes and rush out from the door. Never run when the driver and passenger clothes are on fire. If time permits, you can quickly take off the burning clothing and stomp the fire with your feet; if it is too late, you can roll on the spot or have someone else help to cover the flames with clothing to put out the fire.


4. If the fire is relatively small, you can use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. If you have the opportunity, call the police immediately.


5. A lot of composite materials are used in passenger bus, and when these materials are burned, a large amount of toxic smoke is produced, and only one inhalation is enough to cause a coma. Therefore, when the passenger escapes, it is best to wet the body with the water or drink that is carried, and cover the mouth and nose with a damp cloth.


6. When escaping, do not return to the bus to take things, because there is a lot of poisonous gas in the smoke.


7. During the escape process, do not panic and crowd, which is prone to stampede accidents, resulting in casualties.


8. Since the accident bus is usually parked on the road or on the side of the road, when escaping the bus, pay attention to the passing vehicles to avoid other accidents.

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